Transfer Information: 

Sector Four Firearms LLC offers seamless and hassle-free FFL transfers for our customers. However, we encourage you to check with us before shipping a firearm or silencer to us for transfer to avoid any un-necessary transfer fees. Often times we may be able to avoid certain fees and shipping expenses buying directly through us. We offer competitive prices, world class customer service and a large inventory to choose from.

Transfer Fees: 

$20 Per serial number for non-NFA firearms 

$10 Per serial number for non-NFA firearms with valid AZ Concealed Weapons Permit (CCW) 

$75 Per serial number for most NFA items (Silencers, SBRs, SBSs) 

$150 Per serial number for machine guns 

Transfer Process: 

We receive and process many boxes every day. As transfers are processed and ready for pickup, we make contact with each customer. Once you receive communication from us by email, text, or phone call, you can be confident to come to the store for pickup. Please do not come to the store until you have been contacted by us to ensure a smooth transfer. Remember to bring your current drivers license; if your address on your drivers license is not current, please bring a government-issued proof of current address such as a City utility bill, car registration, or voter ID card.

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